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A medical weight loss program is a fast and safe weight management program that involves incorporating medical scientific evidence which targets the causes of weight gain and obesity in individuals.

Weight loss programs are intended for patients who are suffering from conditions that cause weight gain and is beneficial for those who want to lose weight from as little as 10 pounds all the way up to 100 pounds. These programs are also intended for anyone who is concerned about their health.

The United State Preventive Task Force (USPTF) makes the recommendation that every adult receives annual weight screenings. Those with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher, measured depending on one’s height and weight, have an increased benefit in participating in these programs since a reduction in BMI decreases the risk of developing other serious medical conditions like heart attacks and strokes.

Medical conditions that increase weight 

The following are conditions and situations that can result in unintentional weight gain.

  • Hypothyroidism – an underactive thyroid result in a decreased metabolic rate of the body. This condition is more likely to occur in older women and the result of a decreased metabolism is that the body doesn’t use the energy from consuming food effectively enough, resulting in weight gain.
  • Insulin use – a common side effect of the use of insulin in diabetic patients is weight gain. This isn’t a direct cause of insulin on the body but rather insulin can drive glucose levels down causing the patient to consume more food to elevate these levels.
  • Cushing’s syndrome – a rare condition caused by elevated cortisol (natural steroid) levels in the body that causes fat to be redistributed to areas of the body such as the face, neck, and abdomen.
  • Mental health disorders – increased stress and anxiety can cause weight loss but in some affected people it causes them to gain weight due to overeating as a coping mechanism. These conditions can also cause cortisol levels in the body to rise, leading to a similar reason for weight gain as with Cushing’s syndrome.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) – PCOS causes issues with the hormone estrogen in women. These levels are reduced which can lead to increased testosterone and insulin in affected individuals resulting in weight gain.

Medical weight loss clinic San Diego

The Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center in San Diego, CA offers medical weight loss programs that are supervised by registered physicians who are formally trained to guide their patients in these programs. Together with feedback from the patient regarding their medical history, dietary habits, and weight loss goals, these doctors help to tailor a unique and personalized treatment plan for these individuals.

There are different weight program options available depending on the specific needs of the patient and they are programs proven to help lose and keep weight off.

These include:

  • Low-calorie program – patients who are identified as medically qualified for this program receive customized meal plans for rapid weight loss.
  • Metabolic rate adjustment – lifestyle and dietary modifications are made to help boost the affected patient’s metabolism.
  • Prescription medication program – for patients who will benefit from curbing hunger and cravings, FDA-approved dietary pills are prescribed here together with incorporating individual counseling and physical exercises.

To find out more about the medical weight loss programs of the center, please contact 858-263-1062, or schedule a free consultation online.