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Joint pain can be unbearable, even more so when it affects the biggest weight-bearing joint in the body. The knee supports most of the body’s weight and when injured, can restrict the patient from routine activities such as walking and running. The most common cause of chronic knee pain is due to osteoarthritis which is inflammation of the knee joint due to repetitive use or history of injury to the knee.

Many patients with chronic knee pain would have tried many remedies and solutions starting with the simplest possible way of taking analgesics or painkillers that are Knee pain2readily available over the counter. When this no longer work, they proceed to seeing the doctor who recommends physical therapy, injections and finally surgery. However, some patients may not respond to these treatments and may not be suitable candidates for surgery due to age, weight, or other health conditions.

Cooled radiofrequency treatment is a new way to provide long lasing pain relief with the aim of helping patients return to their daily routines. It is designed to treat chronic pain that has lasted for more than three months. It uses radiofrequency energy that targets the nerves that sense pain in the knee joint, such as the genicular nerves. It stops the nerves from carrying the pain signal. By decreasing the pain, patients are able to walk better and increase function nicely.

Cooled radiofrequency is a safe and well-tolerated procedure and is performed as an outpatient. This means that the patient is not required to be admitted before and after the procedure. It can also be performed for patients who are too sick to have surgery. This procedure boasts effective pain relief, increasing mobility for patients, having a quick recovery time, minimally invasive and cost effective.

Radiofrequency Ablation Knee PhoenixIt is not only performed for the knee but for other areas such as the back and hip as well. Studies have shown that cooled radiofrequency could provide up to 24 months of pain relief for patients, improving the physical function as well as reducing the need of oral medication. This procedure is performed by circulating water through the device while providing heat to the nerve tissues.

Procedure time can vary depending on the doctor performing the procedure and on the treatment needed but physicians have stated that it usually takes about 2-3 minutes for each nerve treated. Cooled radiofrequency requires no incision but patients may report some discomfort at the treated site which can be treated with common over-the-counter pain medicine.

Our Phoenix pain management doctor will recommend rest based on the patient’s needs but they can usually return to work and routine activities within several days. Pain relief should be felt within one to two weeks. For some patients, pain relief can be long lasting but for others, additional treatment sessions may be needed.

Dr. Ramin Abbasian is our Double Board Certified Phoenix pain management doctor offering radiofrequency ablation for the knee. In addition, Dr. Abbasian offers bracing, steroid injections, PRP and stem cell therapy as well for relief. Each patient is treated with customized options based on his or her specific knee issue.

Most insurance is accepted at the pain clinic in Phoenix, also patients are routinely seen from Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills and surrounding areas. Call today for the top knee pain specialist in the Valley!