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If you or a loved one is living with arthritis, you are aware what a struggle it can be to find relief. The problem with arthritis is that a treatment that works for one person doesn’t always work for the next. And the symptoms can mirror other conditions, making the condition easily misdiagnosed.

Pain management specialists can make early interventions to delay the progression of the disease and help you obtain lasting relief quickly.  But before that, you need to know about the early signs of arthritis.

Types of Arthritis

Arthritis is mainly two types –

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: An autoimmune disease that attacks joints and causes damage and pain in the joints
  • Osteoarthritis: A degenerative, progressive joint disease that causes swelling, pain and stiffness in the joints

Early Signs of Arthritis

Early signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis include –

  • Tender joints
  • Joint pain
  • Swelling or stiffness in the joints that lasts for at least 6 weeks
  • Morning stiffness in joints
  • Tenderness in small joints like wrists, hands and feet

Early signs of Osteoarthritis include –

  • Pain, achiness or tenderness, most commonly in the hips, knees, neck or back
  • Joint stiffness and/or swelling
  • Cracking or clicking in the joints
  • Decreased range of motion

Causes of Arthritis

While the causes of rheumatoid arthritis remain clear to experts, osteoarthritis is caused due to wear and tear of the joint with time.

Risk factors for developing arthritis includes –

  • Genetic factors
  • overweight or obesity
  • joint injury
  • overuse due to activities that wear joints out

Contrary to popular belief, arthritis can affect any joint in the body, including the spine.