Welcome to Pain and Spine Clinics


We are medical professionals trained and certified in the management of chronic and acute pain based in the Phoenix, Arizona metro region. We understand that chronic pain can be debilitating and may negatively affect your performance of daily tasks, as well as the enjoyment of life and leisure of daily activities.

With a combination of medications, hands on interventions and minimally invasive procedures, we will provide pain relief for you to live a more comfortable and productive life, free from the negative effects of chronic pain.

We treat all types of pain, including different kind of headaches such as migraines, cluster headaches, tension, etc. We also specialize in treating neck pain, thoracic pain, back pain, major joint pain, including shoulder, hip, knees, pelvic and intra-abdominal pain due to different conditions such as Crohn’s disease and malignancy.

Please call us to make an appointment at our new offices in 16620 N. 40th St. Suite D1 in Phoenix, Arizona. Let us make your pain a thing of the past!