Welcome to Pain and Spine Clinics

The health of your spine is extremely important because a healthy spine allows pain-free movement and supports your body. The spine also protects your central nervous system, thus playing a vital role in the healthy functioning of every organ in the body.

Any damage to even a single vertebra can cause chronic pain and loss of function, impacting your quality of life.

A compression fracture is the result of vertebrae compression or collapse. This causes pain and reduced mobility.

Compression fractures symptoms include –

  • pain in back, arms, or legs
  • numbness and/or weakness in arms or legs
  • patients may notice a loss of height, over an extended period

In case of a compression fracture, minimally invasive surgery called kyphoplasty can help. The procedure usually takes less than an hour and no hospital stay is required.

Here’s how kyphoplasty works –

  • A thin, hollow needle is guided into the correct position inside the vertebrae, with the help of X-ray imaging.
  • An uninflated balloon is inserted through the needle, then inflated to create space in the collapsed vertebrae.
  • A medical grade bone cement is injected to fill up the space.
  • Once the bone cement is in place, the needle is removed, and the area is bandaged.
  • After the procedure, no stitches are required because of the small incision.
  • Patients are encouraged to walk as soon as possible and can resume exercise in a matter of weeks.