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A stiff neck occurs as muscles weaken over time due to poor posture and misuse. To correct this problem, here is a look at some of the easiest and most effective neck pain remedies:
• Stretching
Stretching the neck at intervals can keep pain at bay. This is especially applicable to people who work on computers all day long or drive for prolonged durations of time.
Staring down at the computer screen can cause neck joints and muscles to become tired and overstretched. The same also happens when driving, either pulling neck muscles or straining surrounding ligaments and tendons.
Smart stretches to relieve a stiff neck and associated pain can include a set of back shoulder rolls, shoulder squeezes or bringing ears to shoulders 10 times on each side.
• Improving posture
Poor posture can bring about neck pain as it strains muscles and ligaments which support the neck. Among this the head and shoulder forward position is the worst offender of poor posture which causes chronic neck pain.
Poor posture like this adds an additional 10 pounds to muscle groups in the neck and upper back. The same also makes the upper back droop forward and strains the entire spine.
A common mistake is to carry heavy weight on one side of the body. The uneven load can cause shoulders to slump and strain neck muscles.
Work on improved posture to prevent suffering from chronic neck pain.
• Minding sleep positions
If there is frequent pain in back of neck and head, be wary of sleep positions. In this case, it is recommended to sleep on one side or one back, but never on the stomach.
Sleeping on the stomach often causes people to twist their heads from one side to the other straining not only the neck but also the lower back.
In addition, try sleeping in a more comfortable stance by using a firm mattress, but without sleeping on a pillow. Or, if you need to, sleep using a special neck pillow.
• Applying A Heat Or Ice Pack
Applying a heat or ice pack is another one of the more well-known neck pain remedies. Depending on the cause of the pain, an ice pack may be applied if the discomfort is due to an injury. Using ice is recommended for the initial 48 up to 72 hours after an injury.
This application is beneficial for reducing the swelling associated with the injury.
If chronic neck pain is the result of pulling a neck muscle, then try applying a heat pack as it works better for muscle sprains and spasms.
• Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy is a gentle and effective method of relieving distressing neck pain. Both warm and cold water therapies can be beneficial in their own ways.
For instance, warm water therapy soothes skin, relaxes muscles and induces vasodilation. This means it draws blood to targeted areas, decreases muscle spasms, relieves pain and increases range of motion.
On the other hand, cold water therapy promotes vasoconstriction which slows circulation, reduces inflammation, muscle spasms and pain.