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fibromyalgia-848x518Fibromyalgia Treatment in Phoenix

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes pain and tenderness in a person’s whole body. It is one of the most common chronic pain conditions and that is because the central nervous system does not process pain properly.

Patients who suffer from this condition have a heightened sensation of pain which they describe as constant muscle ache. In the particular case of fibromyalgia, there is no damage to the muscles or tissue; however, fibromyalgia is a progressive disease which worsens with age.

The condition is more common in women and it usually starts at middle age. In some cases, it can start after a triggering event, such as trauma, infection, a stressful period, but in other cases it can be completely triggered spontaneously. Genetics may also play a role.
Fibromyalgia is usually associated with other medical conditions such as Migraine, Rheumatic diseases, sleep apnea, IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, depression and anxiety, etc. Fibromyalgia can also present itself with the following symptoms:

-Fatigue and tiredness
-Difficulty sleeping
-Numbness and tingling of different parts of the body
-Sensitivity in change of temperature
-Stomach cramps
-Problem with balance and coordination

Diagnosis and treatment

The first step we recommend is to make an appointment with one of Pain and Spine Clinics’ qualified Pain Management Medical professionals for a consultation in which you will express the symptoms you are experiencing.
There are several treatments which include medication such as Cymbalta and Savella, which changes the brain chemicals for pain perception. We may also prescribe medication such as Lyrica, which works by blocking activity of the cells that transmit pain. Other medications which can be used include antidepressants, NSAIDs, or even opioids.
There are also minimally invasive procedures such as trigger point injections, which can ease pain. There are also other recommended adjuncts such as change of lifestyle and diet or avoiding foods that are known to increase the frequency and intensity of the pain. In some cases, we also recommend that you quit smoking or practice Yoga or Tai Chi. We may also recommend massage therapy and acupuncture, which has also be found to reduce the pain in some patients.

To make an appointment, please call us at 480.565.7246. We look forward to easing your pain.