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Pain specialists often prescribe injections to relieve chronic pain. These injections are commonly used in case of back pain, but knees, neck, hip pain can all be relieved with the use of these pain relief injections. Injections for pain relief often work by reducing inflammation.

Injections for joints contain different types of medications, such as saline, a local anesthetic and steroid medication like cortisone. The anesthetic is given for immediate pain relief while the steroid works to reduce pain and inflammation in the long-term.

In spinal injections, the medication may even contain a neural block to reduce acute pain by blocking pain signals from the affected area to the brain.

Pain injections

Injection procedures are simple and quick. The injection site will be cleaned and a numbing medication will be injected. To ensure that accurate needle placement, X-ray guidance or fluoroscopy may be used. Once the placement is determined, the medication is injected. The site is covered with a small bandage.

In some patients, only one injection may be sufficient for long-term relief but others may need several injections for the same relief.

Benefits of Injection Therapy

Pain relieving injections can help individuals obtain pain relief as well as restore function in the affected area. The relief from the injections allows patients to undergo physical therapy more actively, which will strengthen the affected area. Thus, a combination of injections and physical therapy and other treatments may be used by the pain specialist to help patients eliminate dependence on opioid medication. They also allow the patient to resume activities that s/he enjoys but were unable to undertake due to the pain.