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A sacroiliac or SI joint injection, or a sacroiliac joint block is minimally invasive procedure commonly used in the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain.

The Sacroiliac Joint

The sacroiliac joint is located where the sacrum joins the ilium or pelvis bone. There are 2 SI joints, one on each side of the sacrum. Degeneration of the sacroiliac or SI joint or wear and tear of its cartilage can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. The SI joint has also been shown to be a major cause of low back pain in many individuals.

Benefits of SI Joint Injections

A sacroiliac (SI) joint injection benefits patients suffering from SI joint pain in 2 ways –

  • to diagnose the source of the person’s pain
  • to provide pain relief

SI joint injections can relieve pain during an arthritic flare up along with pain medication and physical therapy. Since there is no great surgical treatment for SI Joint dysfunction, SI joint injection is a great treatment option.

An SI joint injection delivers numbing medicine along with cortisone (steroid) into the SI joint. It relieves pain for a period of a few weeks to a few months.

Candidates for SI joint Injection

SI joint arthritis is very common. Those who are suffering from SI joint pain benefit tremendously from these injections.

SI Joint Injection Procedure

SI joint injections are done as an outpatient procedure that does not require IV sedation. They are done under numbing just under the skin and down towards the joint. Experienced pain management doctors utilize fluoroscopy to ensure accuracy.

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