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Trigger points are likes nodes of muscle that are always in a tense and can lead to painful points throughout the body and may present a completely different problem by affecting nearby nerves. This can make treatment difficult.

While the less serious knots can be released with massage, chronic trigger points can be treated with Trigger Point Injections (TPI) for lasting relief.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections can relieve serious knots by making the muscle inactive and facilitating release. Your pain doctor would insert a small needle into the affected part of your muscle to deliver an injection of a local anesthetic, saline, or even a corticosteroid. This injection would relax the knot and relieve your pain. A dry needle may be used in case of a medicine allergy. If needed, multiple trigger points can be administered during a single visit.

When are Trigger Point Injections Used?

Trigger point injections can treat trigger points in many muscle groups, including the arms, shoulders, neck, lower back, and legs. They can relieve pain in case of myofascial pain syndrome, tension headaches, fibromyalgia as well as trigger points when no other treatments seem to bring any relief.

A single injection may relieve trigger point pain but trigger points caused due to chronic underlying conditions may require ongoing treatment. How often these injections are required in your case would depend upon your condition and the medication being used in the injection. Anesthetics can be given monthly but steroids are not given so frequently.

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